Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just kill me Vikings!

It's taken me a couple days to recover to start blogging again after that heartbreak. I don't even have words for this, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I was worried after Prince wrote that batshit crazy Viking song. What do you expect.... when they have fans like the one pictured above, and we have ones like the guy at the bottem, bending over and saying, "please sir...may I have another." I hope the dude knows he's going to die with that beard.

So not having the words to say I will leave you with one of the better rants I received via email the last couple days from Mike....a high school football buddy of mine.

As I watched the 2nd half, I was still thinking we should win! After all the un penalized cheap shots that Favre took, I was still thinking I might look good in a #4 jersey. As the game got down to the final Viking possession, I was believing they could win. Then, at the 19 second mark, I knew it was over and I had been once again sucked into that never ending ,gut wrenching feeling that all true Viking fans must endure. I believed!!!! You would think I would know better! Going back to Super Bowl 4 I had believed in the Vikings. At the start of every new season, I believe that this might be the year they get off the schneid. At the beginning of the season, I knew St. Brett would break my heart but I would not succumb to that doubt. Even though I said out loud and on Facebook that Favre would do this, I wanted to believe in my Vikings and I did. Today I cancelled my "best of Sirious" subscribtion because there is no more football, the season is over.
"I am a true Vikings fan! I expect them to let me down and they have never failed" I would like them to fail my expectations just once before I pass.

I f there are errors in the spelling it is because Captain Morgan has done HIS job, now if only the Vikes would do theirs.

The ROCHESTER (MN) POST-BULLETIN reports Pearson claimed he made a pledge in 1974 to not shave his beard until the Vikings won the Super Bowl.

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