Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amy Fisher is stripping for Haitian charity

Amy Fisher once “had a sex tape stolen from her house” .....that she courageously also promoted and received profits for...., so seeing her nude isn’t exactly a new thing. In spite of that trauma, Fisher is going to get naked once more at a Long Island club with “part of the profits” going to Haiti. You’re my real hero, Amy Fisher. Hilary Clinton brings cigarettes to the starving Haitans, you bring your ta ta's.

The media-savvy Long Island Lolita — who’s getting naked at Scene Restaurant & Lounge in Commack, LI, this weekend promises to donate a portion of her earnings toward the relief effort.
Fisher, a mother of three, launched her own porn site last year and embarked on a tour as a stripper for hire across the country.

Not so sure I want to see an aging stripper with c-section scars even if it is a novelty......and is it just me...or did her surgeon forget the level when he redid her guns?

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