Monday, February 02, 2009

Belgian Railways price increase

Belgian Railways (NMBS) has increased its fares by an average of 5.9%. The price of a monthly or annual season ticket went up by 6.25% starting Feruary 1. Belgian Railways says that the fare rises are necessary to compensate for inflation and rising energy costs. VIDEO REPORT

During the cold snap it was apparent that NMBS provides passengers with too little information. Many passengers were not given any information while they remained stranded on platforms or in neighbor happened to get home from work in Brussels at midnight on one of those cold nights.

Brussels public transport company also puts up fares
The Brussels public transport company MIVB has also increased its fares by an average of 6%.
The price of a twelve-month season ticket went up from 415 to 440 euros from midnight on Saturday.
The under 25’s now pay 300 euros for a year’s unlimited travel on the capital’s buses, trams and metro.
The price of a five journey ticket has risen by 30 eurocents to 7.30 euros, while a ten journey ticket now costs 12.30 euros, a rise of 80 cents.

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