Sunday, December 06, 2009

Prostitutes offering free sex during Copenhagen conference

You know if whores like Obama and Gore are showing up...the rest of the prostitutes will weigh in. Things are getting hot and heavy in Copenhagen ahead of the city’s massive climate change conference.

The city’s mayor warned hotels against patronizing Danish prostitutes during the upcoming U.N. summit — but the Copenhagen hookers are reportedly striking back by offering free sex to anyone who ignores the warnings. Do they know Bill Clinton is coming?....and I think Tiger Woods is going to be around too.

Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards to 160 Copenhagen hotels, urging guests and delegates to refrain from buying sex, Spiegel Online reported.

The city’s prostitutes have retaliated by offering free sex to anyone who brings one of the cards to an assignation.

The response is being organized by the Sex Workers Interest Group (SIO), which says the mayor’s move is “sheer discrimination.”

“Ritt Bjerregaard is abusing her position as Lord Mayor in using her power to prevent us carrying out our perfectly legal job,” SIO Spokeswoman Susanne Moller told the Danish Web site “I don’t understand how she can be allowed to contact people in this way.”

Hey, if Ritt Bjerregaard really wants to prevent people from getting royally fu- screwed she should cancel this sham of a Climate Conference.

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