Wednesday, December 16, 2009

North Face Sues South Butt

Jimmy Winkelmann might have a sense of humor, (you'd have to, growing up with a name like Winkleman) and he looks exactly like the name would imply....... but The North Face isn't laughing, he had reportedly tried to sell his brand to North Face for $1 million. 

That’s why he started The South Butt, a parody of clothing company The North Face. Whereas The North Face tells its customers to, “Never Stop Exploring,” The South Butt tells customers to, “Never Stop Relaxing.” Apparently, The North Face also has the motto, “Never Have A Sense Of Humor,” because they’re suing the student and his parody company for trademark infringement.

Normally this kind of lawsuit isn’t news, but Winkelmann and his lawyer, Albert Watkins, (who also seems to have a sense of humour) are making it fun by pumping out quotes like this, concerning the frivolous nature of the lawsuit.... “The South Butt has previously made it clear to The North Face that the consuming public is insightful enough to know the difference between a face and a butt.”

I'm rootin for Jimmy and his lawyer.....but me thinks it was parody until he tried to get them to buy it, then it might have crossed to the extortion side.

Hat tip to my sis Robyn for this one

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u2umm said...

I think that this is an effort to thawart the ideal of capitalizm, entrepenuership. i dont know if The North Face uses union labor, but if they do, i then understand their effort to undermine the ideal of free enterprise and competition. Labor unions in my opinion is not way for America today. A fine example of the the growing of and unionization of the federal government. Look at what is going on with these idiots in the white house. There attitude and policies very closely resemble a Union... OUr government is not designed to operate that way