Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Erin Andrews: “I’ve been embarrassed and my career has been ripped apart

Erin Andrews appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday and told a judge “I’ve been embarrassed and my career has been ripped apart. I walk into a stadium and fans say obscene things to me.”

Get over it Erin, this little incident "made" your career.

If you’re not rooting for that creep, Michael David Barrett, to get the maximum amount of jail time, perhaps this will do it: “Andrews’ lawyer claims they’ve been receiving tips from women across the country, claiming they, too, might have been secretly filmed by Barrett.” A TV report this morning put that number of tips at 17. Barrett will be sentenced on February 22. Andrews now plans on embarking on a campaign to make hotels more safe for travelers.
......and what could be a more worthy cause sweetie....

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