Thursday, December 17, 2009

Man Wins Lottery Leaves Wife....I mean like disappears

C'mon know you've all thought about a solution like the guy in the video above. When you become rich your whole life changes..... Hotter women wanna give it up and cooler people wanna hang out with you. You can’t just live your same old life and stay married to your same old wife that you had when you were broke.

A man who won the lottery in Mirimar Florida – apparently cashed in the multi-million-dollar prize – and left his wife in the dust. Donna Campbell is being forced to move out of the Florida home she once shared with her husband after the residence went into foreclosure and was auctioned, according to the Orlando-Sun Sentinel.

The harrowing ordeal began in June 2007, when Amim Ramdass bought a winning lottery ticket worth a $19 million jackpot with his co-workers.

Campbell, a former beauty queen and runner up in the 1979 Miss Trinidad and Tobago beauty pageant, said after hitting it big, her husband wasted no time cutting cable, phone and internet at the couple’s home. She said he also stopped making payments on the house.

In addition, Campbell claims Ramdass hid the cash and refused to give up her share of the prize. Campbell launched a lawsuit against Ramdass but lost after a judge ruled she did not have any rights to the money. Authorities are currently on the hunt for Ramdass who went missing after becoming a millionaire. Authorities believe he is still in Miramar and are offering $5,000 for anyone who can find him.

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