Saturday, December 05, 2009

The all new Tiger outruns Elin video game

In the latest Tiger Woods golfing video game, it's not Tiger who's swinging the golf clubs,it's his wife.

Taking inspiration from Tiger Woods's scandal -- the busted car, the sex text messages, the alleged affairs and irate wife. Tiger Parking Slam"

Tiger Parking Slam,from AddictingGames, lets users play Tiger, driving an Escalade, who has to figure out how to park his car in a neighbor's driveway without crashing.

Along the way, the "Tiger" in the driver's seat has to dodge police, paparazzi, fire hydrants, and pools. And Woods's wife (or a "familiar looking blonde)swinging golf clubs at the SUV.

If you succeed in parking within the allotted time, despite the threats, you win the "Parking Cup."


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