Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rachel Uchitel Pictures.....Tigers little floozy

Before his car accident, Tiger Woods argued with his wife about reports by the National Enquirer that he had an affair with notorious floozy, Rachel Uchitel. Evidently Tiger took a Mulligan on his wedding vows to Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren.
If your husband is in a car accident wouldn’t your first reaction be to open a door?.... Not smash the back window open for no reason unless the car was on fire or something.
Elin is a crazy crazy bitch.
She must be awesome in the sack.

The National Enquirer reports that Racheal Uchitel, a 34-year old "New York party girl", has been the subject of Tiger's dalliances......and by the looks of these pictures i'd say party girl is the right adjective.

But if you're worth say, $500 million or so, you should be allowed to have a few 'wives'.

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