Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carrie Prejean sex tape video

If a hot chick like that can't go Surfing at Finger Beach, and put it on tape for her boyfriend's benefit, then the terrorists have already won.

Carrie Prejean wasn't the only member of her family who got a peek at Carrie's solo sex tape...... her MOM was in the room when the Miss California USA lawyers pressed play. Turns out her mom, Francine Coppola, is a closet carpet licker anyway.....so how shocking could this be?

Sources say Carrie's mom was in shock -- instantly turning sheet white as she watched her daughter give herself a hand and it took all of 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million demand from the Pageant people after the XXX tape was played.

Speaking of guys who spend their day Assaulting on a Friendly Weapon.....here is a video of her on Hannity.

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