Saturday, November 07, 2009

Don't copy Europes mistakes

This video on health care, produced by the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, features Eline van den Broek, founder of the European Independent Institute.

She does a nice job of explaining, in simple terms, why the United States should not copy Europe's mistakes, and why the key to true health care reform is less government, not more.

If government-run healthcare is approved, it is very likely that politicians will then look for a new revenue source to finance all the new spending that inevitably will follow. Unfortunately, that means a value-added tax (VAT) will be high on the list.

Indeed, the VAT recently has been favorably mentioned by powerful political figures and key Obama allies such as the Co-Chairman of his transition team and the Speaker of the House.
The VAT would be great news for the political insiders and beltway elite. A brand new source of revenue would mean more money for them to spend and a new set of loopholes to swap for campaign cash and lobbying fees.

But in this video.... the evidence from Europe unambiguously suggests that a VAT will dramatically increase the burden of government. That’s good for Washington, but bad for America.

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