Sunday, November 22, 2009

"The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money"

San Francisco booksellers would rather lose money than go 'Rogue'
Read the whole thing at American Thinker and read the comments if you want to know how an idiot like Pelosi can keep getting reelected. No small wonder California is bankrupt.

Despite San Francisco Bay Area bookseller claims that Sarah Palin's new book "Going Rogue" is "not for thinking people", the Amazon numbers say otherwise.

On a mission to show that Palin's book is selling much worse than, say, the idea of reading Osama Bin Laden his Miranda rights, the San Francisco Chronicle interviewed several local booksellers to find out how well sales of "Going Rogue" were not going:
"Our customers are thinking people," said Nathan Embretson, a bookseller at Pendragon Books in Oakland. "They're not into reading drivel."
"Anything like that we wouldn't carry," said clerk Emily Stackhouse at Cover to Cover Books in San Francisco. "We're a small store and it would probably gross us all out. Some things you carry because of freedom of speech, but a book like that is just gross."

Apparently the job of a "bookseller" in and around San Francisco is not so much to sell product, but rather to give comfort to like-minded individuals and convert the remaining unwashed masses to lockstep ideology. Politics trumps profit, even though profit generates the much needed tax revenue, job growth, and consumer spending this state dearly needs.


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