Sunday, November 22, 2009

North Dakota sucks....but they do have a cool logo.

The most prominent defenders of the University of North Dakota's right to call its teams the Fighting Sioux are neither alumni nor hockey fans. They're Sioux!

The North Dakota Attorney General tells Indian supporters of Sioux nickname to shut up and be offended. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Spirit Lake Sioux tribal members who want the University of North Dakota to keep its Fighting Sioux nickname.

Just so you're clear, the people who are insisting that the “Fighting Sioux” nickname is “hostile and abusive” are now locked in a legal battle with actual Sioux Indians who want to keep the nickname in place.

This legal bullshit comes after another Sioux tribe in North Dakota voted overwhelmingly in favor of the nickname just makes it all the more absurd.
By the way, in the aftermath of that election nickname opponents said they lost because they hadn’t had enough time to go out to the reservation and educate the voters.
Meaning they didn’t have enough time to go tell the actual Sioux Indians that they’re supposed to be offended by the logo and nickname. Must be the same people who are trying to 'sell' Obama's healthcare bill?

The Sioux Tribe has no problem with it, why do a bunch of liberal white people have a problem?.......oh ya.....

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