Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sammy Sosa is the new Micheal Jackson

I've heard that TV Land is doing a Munsters remake. Sosa is the leading candidate for Eddie Munster.

Since retired baseball player Sammy Sosa revealed his new complexion and then attributed it to a cream, debate has not stopped.

Video here: Former basketball forward and colorful sports commentator Charles Barkley added his voice to the discussion during a TNT doubleheader on Thursday night.After showing a quick picture of Tina Fey and Sarah Palin, the cast cut to the split image we've all come to know..... Sosa before and after his skin-color change.

Things got funnier, as Barkley and cast tried to visualize what it would look like if both colleague Kenny Smith and Barkley were to turn white. Once the altered images disappeared, Smith rambunctiously yells, "Say it loud, Chuck... I'm black and I'm proud."

Barkley is then shown with a makeup artist applying white makeup to his face while he asks, "If I become white, am I allowed to eat chicken, hamhocks and neck bones?" As Smith guffaws Barkley continues: "Seriously, I love chitlin's.... I'm telling y'all, though, if I was white for a couple of minutes, I'd be missing some chitlin's and hamhocks already. What about honey buns and grape and coke?

Then they switch to a clip of Sosa done up like the infamous joker, red lips in tow. Barkley ends with: Sammy Sosa, you know I got love for you, man, Stop it! Stop It, Sammy Sosa! Are you kidding me?

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