Friday, March 28, 2008

Belgium Royals cost the taxpayers 28 million Euros

The Flemish nationalist lawmaker Jan Jambon says that the Belgian royal family is getting far more from the taxpayer than just the "civil list", the subsidy awarded to most members of King Albert's close family. Mr Jambon says the real price tag is three times the civil list.
The public list awards 9 million euros from the public purse to King Albert each year. In all the royal family gets 12 million from the public list.
Mr Jambon points to the hidden costs of the royal family. These costs account for a further 16 million euros that are listed on the budgets of other government departments.
Heating costs are funded separately. Some 234 police officers ensure the royal family's security, while the royals do not have to pay for their air travel. The lawmaker insists that if the present civil list is not enough, it should be increased so that there is greater transparency about royal finances.
Mr Jambon also calls for the scrapping of the public funds awarded to Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent, King Albert's other children.
He told the VRT: "They are ordinary people like you and me. I don't see why they shouldn't get a job."

I love Mr Ham.....but a Belgian Politician that makes sense? What a country!
Isn't paying for someone elses illegitimate children part of the culture? Besides, what job would fat Prince Laurent possibly be qualified for, except accepting welfare checks in Wallonia.

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