Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Mafia in Belgium

Belgian Police: Albanian Mafia Dominates Western Europe
In its latest March 19 issue, Brussels weekly TeleMoustique offers an exclusive dossier about the mafia in Belgium where, according to the Belgian police department specialized for Albanian organized crime, Albanian mafia clans dominate, leading in the illegal trade, including human trafficking and the sale of cocaine and heroin.
The Albanian gangs are spread throughout the Europe, the report says, adding that Albanian brutality and networks of prostitution rings have made them notorious and dominant in the human trafficking in the West.
Belgium is regarded as the most important country in the Albanian human trafficking, being the last port before the entry to Great Britain, considered the "El Dorado of the illegal immigration".

It is estimated that up to 100,000 illegal immigrants have been transfered to Belgium by the Albanians, while some observers warn that this number represents the illegal immigrants in Brussels alone, the city with some 1M residents, the report claims.
Albanian Clans Use Kosovo Province to Launder the Prostitution/Drugs Cash
Apart from human trafficking, Albanian clans are most involved in the drug trafficking—mainly cocaine and heroin—and thefts.

According to the TeleMoustique report, one of Albanian 'specialties' remains banditry, ranging from the cigarette theft on the gas stations, store thefts to the robberies of the trucks transporting goods, Belgian police commissar assigned to the department of Albanian organized crime said.
In the field of prostitution, Albanian clans have advanced to a new stage, becoming the ones who are now renting out the bars and buildings to Bulgarians for prostitution brothels.
The same inspector revealed that they are now witnessing massive laundering of the moneys Albanians are making through the organized crime in the Western Europe. Belgian police has found the Albanian mafia is most often sending this money by other expats to Albania and Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, to be "invested" in the building of houses and gas pumps.

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