Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remember to thank Al Gore for the warm weather

Damn I love that global warming! That's the most snow I've seen in Belgium in the ten years that I've been here, and the first snowfall, that stuck, that we've had here this year. Who would have thought that Al Gore could have figured all this out, after inventing the internet.
But the Brits need serious help! The Blackthorn was lured into flowering by the empty promises of global warming and a balmy zephyr, and now the buds are being frozen. No Blackthorn flowers, no fruit, no sloes, no sloe gin - now if that isn't a crisis I don't know what is. What will the college girls drink now?

Much of Flanders is experiencing a white Easter with snow falling or having fallen at locations across the region. The winter conditions are exceptional for late March. Bellow average temperatures have been recorded at weather stations all over Flanders during the past couple of days.
The snowfall and colder than average temperatures are good news for the operators of langlauf skiing facilities in the Belgian Ardennes.
However, fruit and vegetable farmers and gardeners are less happy with the cold snap.
The last time that temperatures in late March were so low was back in 1975.

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