Monday, October 29, 2007

Dolphins now suck on two Continents

Everybody was wet. There's a word for that in London; they call it life.
Even the inevitable streaker got wet -- well, after materializing just before the second-half kickoff and performing three push-ups, a minor feat given his regular-guy flab quotient.
Intercultural weirdness did appear here and there.
It probably was the first NFL regular-season crowd to boo a Chelsea soccer star (John Terry) because this is North London, not West London, and it might've been the first real NFL game featuring an Everton banner over a wall. (Note: That's a soccer club in Liverpool.)
Somebody in one end zone brought along a whistle and used it liberally, "which caught me a couple of times," Miami defensive end Jason Taylor said, adding that he'd let up a little bit. (Note: That's really annoying at American football.)

Booing reigned when Manning knelt on the last three plays to exhaust the clock. "The only thing they didn't understand, quite frankly," Coughlin said. (Note: They might've understood but disliked it anyway.)

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