Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brasserie Cantillon Beer Festival

The Cantillon Brewery and Gueuze Museum is opening its doors on Saturday November 10th for its annual Public Brewing Session.
From 6h30 to 17h, the Master brewer, his family and friends invite you to this 19th Century brewery for a brewing fair where you can experience the various steps in the traditional production of Lambic and Gueuze beers, using original equipment and techniques.
The brewery tries to use biodynamic and organic ingredients wherever possible and is committed to traditional practices, thus producing excellent non-commercial beers.
The programme for the Public Brewing Session on 10 November is as follows:
6.30 to 9.00 Brewing process
9 to 13.00 Filtration and hopping
12.00 to 15.00 Cooking
15.30 Pumping of wort into the cooling tun
6.30 to 12.00 Barrel cleaning "ancient method"
Guided tours every 2 hours as from 7.00 Croissants and coffee until 8.30, free of charge. Cantillon is located at 56 rue Gheude,
Anderlecht, Brussels (close to Gare Du Midi)

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