Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Megavino 2007 in Brussels

Megavino brings 260 wine growers from 21 countries to the wine loving part of Belgium. ( October 19-22, Heizel, Brussels)
According to studies done at the University of Paris, Belgium is a test market for wine exporters. Belgium is thé middle point of the european wine market.
Total wine import: 350 million bottles - that makes 35 bottles a man. (’Self-import’ done by travelling Belgians not included.) That immense flood of wine represent a market value of 1,12 billion euro - or just about 3 euros a bottle.
Almost 70% is wine of French origin, mainly simple Bordeaux and Rhône wines. Italy and Spain finish second and third.
Wine sales in Belgium are still growing, with thanks to women and youngsters, whose wine consumption still increases. Women are said to prefer white wines, youngsters rosé and screwcaps…

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