Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The latest episode of 24

The Belgian gangster dubbed 'the Eel' for his skill at slipping away from Belgian prison authorities (although I'm using "skill" lightly here) was caught in the Netherlands, with another robbery suspect, nearly three days after his latest escape from a Belgian prison.

Nordin Benallal meet Jack Bauer!
This guy needs his own TV show. Nordin Benallal, facing several convictions for armed robbery and carjacking, escaped from a Belgian jail ... for the fourth time. It seems his buddies hijacked a helicopter and swooped in. Previously, he's escaped by jumping out of a prison van, walking out of jail wearing a wig and sunglasses and using a rope ladder to scale a prison wall.
Even better, this is the second time someone has escaped from a Belgian jail this year via helicopter.Guess it's time for them to remove that helipad from the middle of the prison yard.

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