Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nude calendar.. Fifty-years old!

We need some STUDwife volunteers. This could turn out to be a good fundraiser to support some more of our bad habits.
To mark the launch of their new range of products for mature skin, Dove wanted to create an art nude calendar with women of fifty-years old and more. Surprising result…When we turn fifty, do we or will we feel old? In any case, the "Pro age Girls" don't share that opinion. The "Pro age Girls" are the 13 young women who were finally accepted to pose for the Dove calendar.
So the famous brand made a casting. Women of fifty years old and more were needed, the only conditions were to be at ease with oneself and to accept to pose naked. A few months later, 1114 women had applied! Dove had to make the selection from among all those women. And the choice was so difficult that 13, and not 12 women were finally accepted to pose for Lieve Blancquaert. The photographer is very satisfied with the result. "Those women are beautiful. They are radiant and feel at ease with their selves."
It just doesn't work nearly as well when the guys do it!

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