Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh the irony.....Obama as a cardboard cutout

President Barack Obama's decision to break with tradition and not follow the lead of past Nobel Peace Prize winners bewildered some Norwegians. Others thought he was being impolite.

But he skipped out on several other activities, including lunch with the king, a news conference at Oslo’s Grand Hotel, CNN’s traditional interview with the prize winner and a “Save the Children” benefit concert, where organizers replaced him with an Obama cardboard cutout.

Can the Scandi's keep the ‘real’ Obama and send us back the cardboard cut-out. “Cardboard Obama” couldn't do any worse than empty suit real Obama.

Not everyone thinks Captain Bullshit deserves a peace prize.
Leave it to Michi to give us the Haute Couture for the day...
A very nice Salvation Army sweater over a sheath dress.

I personally like it, because she looks like a Butterfinger

Nice paunch Mrs. O

A t-shirt with a ruffle skirt....outfrikn standing!!!


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