Monday, December 17, 2007

Miss Belgium doesn't speak Flemish!!

There is so much dysfunction in this country, that if Belgium were a family, child services would take the kids away.
Last night Miss Belgium was crowned in the the Flemish mecca of Antwerp.....
and horror of horrors...she doesn't speak Flemish! On a side note, 20-year-old Alizee Poulicek is from the Czech Republic, so forgive her for not even knowing what Flemish is.
Of course the 4000 classless Flemings of Antwerp managed to boo her at the presentation also, because she couldn't answer a question in Dutch.

The incident did not hurt her image with television viewers who voted for her, but Flemish journalists assailed her with questions at a press conference, highlighting her deficiencies in Flemish. Hey there you brilliant media types... don't you think if you are going to try and degrade someone, it might help to do it in a language they could understand? VIDEO
What idiot goes to a beauty pageant to hear these girls talk anyway? If I was the judge we have the swimsuit competition, a vote, and shows over folks, we're done in twenty minutes.
On a side note, here is video of a fan who ran onstage to give Kelly Clarkson a kiss during her performance at the Miss Belgium Pageant. If the Flemish are hiring American Idol performers to perform at their pageants, I think that's about all you need to know about the amount of culture they possess.

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