Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun on the ice....or Snow!

The "Plaisirs d'hiver" (winter fun) festival, will bring cultural and traditional activities to Brussels town centre from November 30th to January 1.
Deep in the heart of the Marché aux Poissons district you'll find a huge 60 metre long area of ice split into two with separate areas for the little ones and the grown-ups. A small ice rink for young children is situated alongside the main rink for the older ones and experienced skaters. In the middle of the rink will be a huge cone of 12 metres high, and a chalet restaurant serving the hot wine and chocolate.
I think this picture was taken at 6 in the morning, so be prepared for some long lines, and if you have your own blades, bring em. They aren't exactly giving you a new pair of CCM's to rent, and you don't want to get stuck with figure skates.

If that doesn't suit you, check out Snowworld Landgraaf, the world's biggest indoor winter sports centre... Just a few kilometres from the Dutch border and less than two hours from Brussels, near Maastricht. With a temperature of about zero degrees, a chalet in the middle of the four slopes and the never-ending procession of ski tows: this is definitely a winter sports haven!One learner slope with a moving walkway, a fun park with moguls, and two 500 metre-long runs. This is just like a ski resort, with all the details, a choice of slopes, a mountainside restaurant, restaurants at the foot of the slopes, a disco... and of course, you can rent equipment and make purchases in the winter sports shop. Next to that is a huge ice rink for recreational skating.

Snowworld Landgraaf is open everyday all year round (from 9 am to midnight in winter, from 9 am to 11 pm in summer)To get there: take the E40 motorway to Louvain, then the E314 to Aachen. After the border take the A76 towards Heerlen/Aachen (trip time is around 80 minutes).

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