Saturday, December 08, 2007

Top of the hops in Brussels

Yvan de Baets, a 37-year-old who plans to open his own brewery in Brussels next year, currently Cantillon is the only one.
Yvan is critical of people’s taste for “sweet” mass-produced beers such as Stella Artois. And he has a theory about this. “It all goes back to the American GIs – they may have helped us to win the war, but they brought over Coca-Cola. We loved it and our taste buds changed. We began to like sweet things. Children now are so used to sweet tastes that they are not ready for bitter tastes when it comes to the age when they drink alcohol. But beer should be bitter.”
He describes strong mass-market beers as: “The yellow water that makes you crazy!”
Gee, I can't believe he didn't blame George Bush or global warming for this!

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