Monday, December 03, 2007

25% of drivers stuck in traffic every day!

A survey commissioned by the daily Het Nieuwsblad shows that one in four motorists who drive to work gets stuck in a traffic jam for at least part of the journey.
Belgians are pretty fed up with the situation. A third of the workforce wants to change their job in order to avoid traffic jams. For the under 30 crowd the figure is an even 40%.
Most respondents said that better public transport could offer a solution to the problem of traffic congestion. Most people stuck in a jam listen to the radio and are happy with the traffic information they get.

Others like to make telephone calls or pick their nose. Now was that a poll question, or did commuters just offer it up? Nothing surprises me here anymore......but I didn't know Belgium was known for its nose pickers..... and what kind of wine goes with that!

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