Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chucklehead Joe Biden drops the F-BOMB (video)

Just before a press conference to announce Captain Bullshit's signing of the health care reform bill on Tuesday had to know if was a major would call for a major screwup from Chucklehead Joe, the Captains high functioning retard Vice President.

Never missing an opportunity to go full retard when the stakes are high, Joey never lets us down...dropping an F-bomb on national TV. He leans over to congratulate the Captain on his healthcare abortion and says “This is a big f#@king deal,” in Obama’s ear as the pair do that phony liberal embrace.

Normally I'd be a little upset about all this...but this whole event had all the dignity of a Mafia sitdown to begin with. What's sad is Joe's IQ is actually much higher than the average liberal.

Because you won't see it on the mainstream media, like everytime Bush screwed up, here's some brilliant comedy for your day.

In fact, Biden's F-bomb gaffe now tops my list of the Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes of All Time.

Very tough to reduce it to 10, because of the shear amount of material.... Top 10 Barack Obama Gaffes

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