Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black Barbie Doll Cheaper Than White Barbie Doll at Wal-Mart

Check out the price difference between the Ghetto Barbies and the White Trash ones. The White Trash Barbie, commands almost double the price! Who says Barbie dolls don’t supply young girls with a realistic portrayal of womanhood? Walmart's in a bit of trouble after some of their Rhodes scholars in the marketing department decided this would be a good idea.

Basic economics people....the Ghetto Barbies are on “clearance” because nobody wants them. Simple business economics. Not even Tiger Woods wanted any of them, all his Barbies were/are white!

I think they missed the boat when they made the black Barbie. It should look to be about 200+ complete with prison tats, gold teeth, and a tank top 4 sizes too small with no bra...and shoes that make her feet look like she's bakin bread down there. Had they done that during the design phase, they could charge an even higher price.

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