Thursday, March 04, 2010

Charlie Rangel....Poster child for the democratic party

A Democratic source says party pollsters are picking up rumblings that the Rangel scandal is starting to register with the public....that's because this photo will hurt them...not Rangel. He represents Harlem....where this is business as usual. If anyone could photoshop a hardon into this pic for me, I'd appreciate it. More dems screwing America.

Just weeks ago, Democrats were bellowing about the need to let the House Ethics Committee finish its investigation. Now, suddenly, they want to throw the chairman of the most powerful committee in Congress under the Obama bus.

To understand why the Rangel scandals are so dangerous for Democrats, you need to understand something about midterm landslides. They’re usually composed of three parts. First, the other party’s activists are highly motivated. Second, your own activists are highly unmotivated. Third, independents want to burn Washington to the ground.

Independents are the most fickle, the most cynical, and the least ideological people in the American electorate. When they’re unhappy with the state of the country, they tend to stampede the party in power.

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