Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why we watch the Olympics

So what’s great about this photo is not the two chicks kissing at a gymnastics meet, which is a great spectacle, no doubt. What is truly amusing about this photo is the girl in the background, sitting on a bench, looking crest fallen that her girlfriend is sucking face with another woman. As if that wasn’t enough entertainment for one photo, a cameraman, who obviously knows this liplock is going public, films her reaction as she watches her woman suck face with this other tart.

In this case....not so much. THE SHOCKER MOVE!
While you're wrestling in the Olympic quarterfinals, China's Wang Jiao has just jammed her middle finger into your rectum! She calls that her "Bung Pow" maneuver.
Could've been worse, she could have been wrestling Dong Dong.

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