Monday, August 25, 2008

Brussels Airlines says......GAME ON!

Brussels Airlines will come with huge promotions on city trips within Europe starting in September, announces the daily Het Laatste Nieuws this Monday. The Belgian airliner is following the example of some large airliners, such as Lufthansa and British Airways, which are giving reductions of up to 36 percent to fill their planes.
Flying has become more expensive in recent months, largely due to the extra fuel taxes and the ballooning inflation.

Consumers are being more careful with their money and are hesitating about booking outside the summer holidays. Bookings are down 3-4 percent for city trips at the moment.

To counter the trend Brussels Airlines is launching a huge advertising campaign with super promotional prices on city trips. "We've noticed that such a media/advertising campaign with great prices can convince many people to take a trip," says a spokesman for Brussels Airlines.

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