Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stella Light....the wife beater?

Has InBev gone native already? In what seems like an abomination, the Belgian brewer that recently inked a deal to acquire Anheuser Busch is planning a low-cal, and worse....... reduced-alcohol — version of Stella Artois

The whole branding campaign behind Stella is upscale and focused on quality - you’ve seen the short films in movie theaters. The brand is aimed squarely at urban professionals and beer snobs.
(At least, that’s so in North America. In England and some other places in Europe, the brand is associated with drunken soccer hooligans. The Brits have nicknamed it “wife beater.” )

InBev is testing a low calorie version of Stella Artois in Canada this summer, according to a Toronto newspaper.
The test could lead to a worldwide rollout, The Globe and Mail reported.
The test of Stella Artois Legere, which has been ongoing for about two months, has exceeded expectations, the paper reported.

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