Sunday, August 03, 2008

Belgium football teams need coaches....

Yes that's in "real" football, American style.

American Football in Belgium is growing. There are two leagues, FFL for Flandres and LFFAB for Francophones, and more than 14 active teams (2 new teams will join us in 2010).

The Bornem Titans are one of these teams ( The team exists for 4 years now and is expanding every year. Therefore we are looking for coaches with experience. Do you have any experience on coaching a football team or are you capable of learning it? Do you know anybody who might be a candidate? Please send your coordinates to

Some inside information:Bornem is 20 minutes from Antwerp and Brussels and 30 minutes from Ghent. There are 2 trainings a week on tuesday and thursday who start at 07.30 PM. Trainings preseason start first week of september. Season itself is from february till June.Offense, defense and linemen coaching assistants are available.

Hans De Leenheer
+32 476 263864
Bornem Titans vzw

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