Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hilary Clinton ...Foot in Mouth #761

Hold onto your seats because I have some shocking news! Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has put her foot in her mouth and said something she regrets. Shocking, I know.
Hillary mentioned to a local rag in South Dakota that having the campaign go into June would be okay as both her husband's and Robert Kennedy's campaign went into June. That would be the same Robert Kennedy who was assassinated and the DNC in 1968. The web is buzzing, as are the MSM talking heads, over the hidden message that she is sticking around incase Obama (PBUH) gets whacked.

This rare lapse in judgment has Clinton stating she's not worried about the nomination for the Democrats because of the threat of an Assassination attempt on alleged front-runner Barack Obama. So yes, she's staying in the race because she believes her chance of winning rests on a crazy persons bullet. Or knife. Or poison. There's really so many choices.

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