Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tired of eating bread that looks like…um, bread? Then you should move to Thailand so you can eat bread that looks like…um, body parts.
Kittiwat Unarrom has a master’s degree in fine arts and creates bruised and battered heads, feet and other internal organs at a bread shop in Thailand.

He started using his skills and made sculptures out of bread. This came naturally to him because his family runs a bakery. The bread is made out of dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate. He just adds his own touch to the finished product.
Aside from the fact that ol’ Kittiwat is a probably a child-murdering weirdo, I have to hand it to him for his realistic-looking body part bread. But, I wonder if making food that resembles things you don’t want to look at—let alone eat—is really the best business decision, since his family makes their livelihood on selling their bread,

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