Wednesday, May 07, 2008 does not follow Leterme; talks are fruitless

Premier Yves Leterme gave the impression that he would agree to a compromise proposal to play for time on the Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde issue, but his party did not follow him. The proposal that the Flemish should approve an extension of the vote on BHV until 15 July came from VLD chairman Bart Somers.

The French-speaking would then invoke a new conflict of interests to allow a 120-day respite from BHV issue in order to focus on more pressing items on the agenda. However, the CD&V cartel did not accept this compromise.

Leterme now intends to make one last effort to find a solution, but it seems highly unlikely that its cartel partner N-VA will accept any proposal to circumvent voting in parliament.

The atmosphere between the Flemish and French-speaking politicians continues to deteriorate, De Standaard has established. Yet they are in agreement that today’s planned parliamentary session would be cancelled. However, the French-speakers seem to assume that the BHV split will appear on the parliamentary agenda. This morning Laurette Onkelinx (PS), vice prime minister announced that all French speaking parties wlll do all they can to prevent a vote in the parliament.

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