Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Belgium football games fixed?

There are strong indications that the betting mafia have once again pounced upon Belgian football. The football match in the first division between Anderlecht and Sint-Truiden on 26 April could possibly have involved bribery.

According to the magazine Sport/Voetbal a bet of almost 800,000 euro was placed in China on the Anderlecht STVV match, with a strong backing for an Anderlecht victory of three goals. Anderlecht eventually won the game 4-1. Three of the four Anderlecht goals were disputable from a referee’s position.

This season no more than 250,000 euro were put on a match with Belgian competitors in Asia. This is why Asian bookmakers immediately notified Karl Dhont, an expert in a diverse field of betting activities. According to Dhont something is definitely up, with an influx of money similar to the betting scandal involving the Chinese Zheyun Ye between 2004 and 2006. At the time various trainers, goalies and players were threatened by the betting mafia and bribed to ensure certain results on the scoreboard.

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