Saturday, May 24, 2008

Evidently....the Yutes are outta control in Anderlecht

The Brussels suburb of Anderlecht was the scene of a proper city riot yesterday night. A few hundred immigrant youths and as many football hooligans, among them many skinheads, were ready to take on each other. After Anderlecht’s victory of the cup final on Sunday, they first came to blows.
The Moroccan youths responded to a call on the internet to settle with ‘the white supporters of the football club Anderlecht’ once and for all. They were ready to destroy a supporters’ cafĂ© across the street from the football stadium, which caused the hardcore supporters to take up arms.
For hours the police services attempted to keep the troublemakers apart. Later the hotheads released their anger on bus stations and an underground station. At one stage the Anderlecht hooligans were even supported by a group of hardcore Germinal Beerschot supporters from Antwerp. The police detained about one hundred and fifty youths.

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