Wednesday, April 23, 2008

US Airlines to start charging for a second bag.

The US airlines are going the route of RyanAir...... charge for everything. Better start packing more economically, the New York Times reports that five of the six major airlines plan to charge coach passengers as much as $25 (each way) to check that second bag.
I suspect lots of folks will start significantly increasing their carry on luggage when flying. Here are the airlines who’ll be charging a $25 fee for a second checked-in bag:
US Air

The new rule will cause other uncomfortable consequences on board too. Fees for checked luggage will just force fliers to attempt to bring more carry-on bags aboard. Pretty soon those overhead luggage bins will look as stuffed as a clown car. And you will probably be the guy who gets the diaper bag spilled all over you when those overheads are opened too fast.


DJWildBill said...

Ship your bags via UPS or Fed-Ex instead of via the airlines. First, it will be cheaper. Second, your bags will get to your destination on time and without damage. The airline industry is there to move people but is backing away from being a moving van in the sky. If you go to any airport and watch what some people try to bring with them you would be astounded. Ship the boxes, bags, and non essentials via another carrier and it won't have to go through security either. Of course, you could always pay $50 to $75 per extra bag and let the airline lose it for you.

Anonymous said...

that's fine if you are in the US, but if you are traveling to and from europe, that 50 pounds would cost you about 500 bucks.