Friday, April 04, 2008

Belgian widow sues Antwerp prostitutes for electric sex!

Death by hooker.....what a way to go!
A Belgian widow is suing two prostitutes who she claims encouraged her husband to take drugs and have sex when he was unwell, leading to his death.
The wealthy businessman — who had a heart condition — asked the sex workers to bring an electric sex toy, champagne and ecstasy tablets for a "special Christmas treat", British newspaper Daily Mail reports.
The man, 38, had fatal heart attack while partying with the prostitutes, who were paid more than $4400 for the night. Hey...the Belgians can keep up with Eliot Spitzer....although this guy did get a two for one.

The widow's lawyer Yvan Naessens said the women encouraged the man to take part in the activities even though he "appeared unwell".
They allegedly did not try to prevent him from using the sex toy, which provided electric shocks, and only wiped the back of his neck with a damp towel when he became unconscious.
The sex toy that was used on the man came with a printed warning label of the possible danger due to high voltage use.
The businessman was regular client of the prostitutes and they are fighting the amount of damages in the case in Antwerp court.

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