Saturday, April 19, 2008

In the Black in Belgium

The Cell for Financial Information Processing (CFI, Cel voor Financiële Informatiewerking) is on the track of laundered money, which shows that the illegal economy in Belgium is substantially increasing.
The CFI also discovered more links between dossiers of clandestine labour (human trafficking) and of financial crime. This shows that a black economy is developing, according to Jean-Claude Delepière, chairman of the CFI.

The underground economy grew mainly in Brussels and Antwerp with their large number of night shops and telephone shops. Earlier an American drug report pointed out that the 3500 telephone shops often operated as illegal bank offices. Apart from illegal labour and human trafficking it seems as if the bigger flow of laundered money created by the illegal car trade is on the increase as well.
Has Belgium ever considered that if they didn't tax you for everything but taking a crap, maybe this underground system wouldn't be so prevalent.

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