Wednesday, March 22, 2006

One of the top 5 sports Injuries

This is a slightly graphic video of the second half of the Villanova/Pittsburgh match up. Star guard Allen Ray gets poked in the eye, causing it to pop out of its socket. Allen was immediately rushed to the hospital to have it re-inserted and is expected to recover fully.
That injury, by the way, has to rank as one of the top-five grossest injuries ever. WATCH VIDEO
His top eyelid was behind his eye! I'm sorry, that's right there with Joe Theismann, Moises Alou, and Willis McGahee. I'm willing to argue it's worse because it was his eye and more impressive because he is back making clutch free throws and NBA-distance threes a week later. It gives me chills just thinking about him telling the story of how the ambulance kept hitting potholes on the way to the hospital in New York.
If you want to rehash, here is some video of Theisman's leg break, noteworthy simply because it might be the only time the guy wasn't talking for more than ten seconds. WATCH VIDEO

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