Friday, March 31, 2006

Customer Service from RYANAIR

"Jaysus, Mick, that must be the shortestfeckin' runway in the world!""Aye, Paddy, and the feckin' widest!"
A pilot's error caused a Ryanair flight to land at the wrong airport in Northern Ireland.
Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary says in Brussels on Thursday, "The pilot seems to have made a stupid mistake."
Reuters reports the plane took off from Liverpool, England and was supposed to land in Derry, Northern Ireland. Instead, it landed at a British military base a few miles from Derry.
The airline says in a statement, "Never in our 20-year year history has an incident like this happened."
A Department of Transport spokesman says its Air Accident Investigation Branch is investigating the mistake.
Ryanair has grounded the pilot until their probe in complete.
Buses took the passengers from the military base to the Derry airport.

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