Thursday, March 23, 2006

Franchise Show at Tour & Taxi Today

As a factor in employment growth, Franchises and Business Networks are seen as real professional opportunities for every entrepreneur, and are designed for both traders and managers or employees looking for career changes. For 10 years now Franchising & Partnership has been striving to promote the sector and to inform the wider public about franchising and other independent networks, to assist brands in recruiting candidates for opening up new points of sale, and to put forward a complete offer stemming from all business sectors.Effective synergy to attract a wider and more numerous public.
To significantly increase the promotion of the fair and to attract targeted and more numerous candidates, Franchising & Partnership 2006 is relocating to Tour & Taxis in Brussels on March 22nd and 23rd of next year and is taking place at the same time as the ‘Salon Entreprendre’ Fair focusing on SMEs, the Liberal Professions and the Self-employed. SHOW WEBSITE

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