Thursday, December 03, 2009

Buy a beer company

While I doubt it will get you into any beer commercials, pledging a few bucks towards the purchase of the Pabst Brewing Co. will no doubt make your day better. For about the price of a pint at your local pub, you could own the Pabst Brewing Company.

Using the principles of "crowdsourcing," two advertising agencies are attempting to raise enough money to buy the 165-year-old beer company, currently on the block for $300 million, by soliciting pledges for as low as five dollars from the public.

If this unusual bid is successful, all those who pitched in will get that amount of money back in beer, as well as a certificate of ownership, and a say in the company's future.

From what I can gather from their Web site, the group is currently raking in about $1,000 per minute in commitments.

So if you've ever made the unhealthy boast that you drink so much you should buy a brewery, it might be time to buck up.

The beer not-maker is putting all of it's brands on the block, including Colt-45, Schlitz, and of course the red, white and blue PBR.
Pabst doesn't actually create any beer. They are a marketing agency. They run the brands of all of their beers, don't own one brewery, and outsource all the beer making to Molson Coors.

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