Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Smoking banned at Brussels National

Smoking is no longer permitted in Brussels International Airport, Zaventem, as of Friday 14 April. BIAC, the company that runs Zaventem Airport, has decided to prohibit smoking in all public places in the airport, including its bars, restaurants and lounges. A partial smoking ban had been adopted earlier this year, but until Friday, smoking was still allowed in designated areas. However, a complete smoking is now in force and all ash trays have been removed. Many smokers crave a cigarette after a long flight, but they will now have to wait until they've claimed their luggage and passed passport controls before they can go outside to have a smoke. One man found smoking outside, in front of the airport building, said the complete ban is a bit exaggerated, arguing that the temperature difference can be a problem. He had only just come back from Southern Europe and was still dressed in his t-shirt.

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