Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Brussels residents not comfortable with Metro security

More than one third of Brussels citizens who work in the capital of Europe do not always feel safe on STIB-MIVB public transport.According to a survey presented on Tuesday by Flemish MP Carla Dejonghe, 36.55 percent of the 487 people questioned, who live and work in Brussels "occasionally do not feel safe on public transport"."Brussels inhabitants tend to use STIB-MIVB transport more in the evening, which might be why they do not always feel at ease," the Liberal VLD Brussels parliamentarian said.The Flemish University of Brussels (VUB) carried out the quantitative investigation from 16-20 March 2006 to illustrate the transport habits of Brussels's working population. While 36.55 percent of Brussels residents feel unsafe, the survey showed that 23.9 percent of people who live outside the capital but commute there each day also feel ill at ease. Lack of travel information, insufficient lighting, deserted stations and poor cleanliness were also cited as contributory factors. The Flemish MP is working towards improving public transport with suggestions for clearer passenger information, improved closed-circuit monitoring and making the subways inaccessible for people without a valid ticket. "To travel, it is not just about getting from A to B," Dejonghe said. "It is also a way of life in the city - this is why we want to present several constructive proposals to the Brussels Transport Minister [Pascal Smet]."

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