Thursday, April 13, 2006

Brussels will ban cars in the city center

Starting in June cars will be banned from the centre of the Belgian capital. The City of Brussels is introducing a car free zone at the heart of the capital.
In the streets bordering this car free zone a maximum speed of 30 km/h will apply.
Streets surrounding Brussels' historic market square will only be accessible to pedestrians.
The city authorities are also taking other measures to discourage motorists from heading into the city centre.
The direction of some one-way streets is being altered to ensure that drivers will not be able to cross the city through the city centre.
Instead motorists will be led back into the direction in which they entered the centre.
A carefree stroll through Brussels...
In future pedestrians will be able to walk from the central Station down to the Beurs (stock exchange) and the night spots on the Sint-Goriksplein without having to watch out for cars.
A number of streets are being resurfaced so that pavements can be widened.
The plans to ban the car from the city centre have been toned down somewhat. In order to allow residents and traders to access their property by car the number of streets that were to be made car free initially has been reduced somewhat.
All parking spaces in streets where a 30 km/h speed limit applies will be reserved for local residents.

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