Wednesday, April 19, 2006

At least 100,000 Belgian citizens are playing on the Internet

After a long internal debate that has been lasting for at least three years, the Belgian Government could soon issue new regulations applying to the online gambling sector. Casino style, poker and slots will probably be included.A new law draft is being presented to the Minister of Justice. This draft has been created by the commission on gambling on the basis of the results af a long lasting investigation in which emerged that at least 100,000 Belgian citizens are playing on the Internet and they spend 1 billion Euro per year. Betting via the internet is still considered illegal in Belgium but people are not prevented by doing this thanks to the presence of 9,000 websites connected with Belgium. Instead of banning online gambling the studies made by the Commission have lead to the decision of give licences to nine Belgian casinos that should handle the online gaming activities such as payouts, the time per game, bets, age of access to betting, pay backs, loss thrshold per hour. This, states the Commission, would permit to deliver a legal and controlled offer for betting business.

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